What’s the cost of the business school?

There is no cost to students – we invest in you and you invest your time and effort into your studies. All accepted students receive a full scholarship covering the cost of courses, learning materials, and a company laptop.

Wait, to clarify, there is no cost?

That’s right, UFP Industries provides significant opportunities for professional and personal growth by investing in their people. 

What type of degree will I receive upon graduation?

Students receive the equivalent of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. By choice, UFP Business School is not accredited. We are hosted and designed by UFP Industries. 

How does the admission process work?

To be eligible for admission you must have a high school diploma or GED and submit a completed application along with a letter of recommendation. The admission process includes interviews and evaluations to ensure all admitted students are prepared for success. Once admitted you will be placed either at our Grand Rapids, MI corporate headquarters or at one of our North American plants to start your studies and job internship. Ready to apply? Start here.

What are the classes like and how are they administered?

You will take college-level courses taught by UFP Industries employees that focus on all aspects of business. Courses include business writing, economics, marketing, accounting, operations management, sales and entrepreneurship. Classes are administered in person at UFP’s Grand Rapids headquarters, and are also available live and virtually for students located at any other UFP plant locations in North America.

How can I use this degree to advance my career at UFP Industries?

Upon graduation, students have many opportunities for which they can apply. UFPI offers career paths in a variety of areas including sales, operations management, accounting, finance, purchasing, design, logistics, and safety.

Do I have to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan (our corporate HQ) to attend?

No. While some students are in Grand Rapids, MI, many of our students are not, and live near one of our 185+ plant locations across the United States. These students work and attend UFP Business School classes from their UFP location. Click here for all plant locations. 

Still have more questions?

Get in touch, we are happy to help!


If you are self-motivated and hard-working, and seek a path to a successful career, then apply today.