Founded in 1955, UFP Industries is recognized as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of wood and wood alternative products for retail, construction, and industrial markets around the world. Our business expertise has helped us grow into an international corporation with more than 200 facilities in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia, and now we're pioneering a way to share what we know while preparing our next generation of leaders.


The UFP Business School is a two-year program created and operated by UFP Industries. Our students attend our business school through a full scholarship paid for by the company. This makes the UFP Business School a great alternative to business schools that require a four-year commitment and for those looking for valuable hands-on experience without the financial burden of getting a business degree. Our program provides you with real-world experience and focuses on all aspects of business educations, from business statistics to leadership development to operations management.

Contact us for more information about the UFP Business School, or visit our Application for Admission page to apply.