What is it like to be part of the UFP Business School?  Along with dynamic remote learning classes, students gain valuable work experience through paid internships.

Below, our past students give you an insider’s look at their internship experiences.

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Calvin C.

Class of 2018

"Being a part of the UFP team is incredible! Every day in my internship, I am completing tasks that make a difference, that give me something to be proud of. The people here incorporate me into their departments and teach me, rather than just giving me 'typical intern' work. This is a great opportunity to get a head start in your career."

Jake W.

Class of 2018

"Being a part of the UFP team is amazing. Everyone at UFP is so welcoming and determined to help you succeed at anything you do. The people of UFP have built a company culture over the years that's unlike anything I’ve seen, and it made me realize very quickly that I wouldn’t want to build a career anywhere else."

Molly J.

Class of 2019

"I like that I am getting real-life experience and learning from people who have made this company as successful as it is. Everyone here has contributed to the company's successes, and they have real-world experience that makes classes interesting and useful. I will be able to take what I learn and incorporate it into my future at UFP."

Michael T.

Class of 2018

"Every one of the instructors is a professional in the field they teach. They do their best to relate the material to what you will be using in the field, and they’re always available to help, in any way possible."